5 Tips to make this game better by Dazer



While this may be the least relevant, The board of this game looks horrible. Side Candles really? What the hell is that? Can we try putting in different boards so this game doesn’t look like my Grandmother’s house?


Dire Wolf and Bethesda need to communicate everything with the player base. The number of reddit and twitch viewers have dropped drastically due to this. Digital card games is a very competitive market nowadays and you MUST reassure your player base so more people do not leave this game.


Put the game one steam! Just because the initial plans were not to put the game on Steam, I think it is important to reconcider this idea. It helps increase advertising and Dire Wolf Digitals other digital card game, Eternal, has had success with the use of Steam.


TES:Legends balance/balancing team is good overall. The exception, in my opinion, is the last patch which has had negative feedback from the majority of players. I also do not like the obsession with destroying life-giving cards and the lack of buffs to other cards have made little change to the current meta. In terms of balancing, I would also concider changing the first rune. In aggro vs. aggro match ups the first rune can be so swingy that it can dictate the game. I would suggest changing the first rune so that prophecies can not be activated/triggered.



Getting out of the fucking beta. 

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  1. I disagree about the use of steam, that it pales in comparison to getting the game out of beta and onto phones.

    People already know the bethesda brand, not everything has to chain themselves to steam, especially when it’s a F2P game like this.

    Also it’s consider not concider.

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