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Hello, This is my small guide on leveling and avatar’s effect in TES: Legends. If you are a new player, chances are that you don’t really understand which avatar to use and how important it is. I will try to explain how it works according to my experience and known facts.

In TES: Legends for every game played you earn experience. At some point, you gain a new “level”. It works exactly the same way as in any MMO or Hearthstone. Just like in any other game, in this game you will always earn rewards when hitting a new level. For example, when you achieve level 10, you will earn a pack of cards and some gold. Rewards are different at each level. Let’s see what usually happens.Upgrade a card into a better one.

Sometimes you can upgrade a card to a better one. For example, at level 28 you can upgrade card “slaughterfish” into “slaughterfish spawning”. In general it means that the old card which you may have used before is no longer in a game and now you only have the new one. You do not have anything to choose from here, it’s just how the game works. Upgrade a card into one of two better cards. Sometimes you can upgrade a card into one of two possibilities. For example, on level 4 you can upgrade “hive worker” into either “hive defender” or “hive warrior”. This requires a choice made by you. You will get either one card or another. You do not need to worry about it – you can craft or open in a pack the other card which you didn’t upgrade at any moment.
Avatar reward.

Sometimes you will be rewarded a card based on your avatar. That’s exactly how avatar system works – at certain levels you will earn a random card but not completely random. Depending on your current avatar that card will be in accordance to it. So how do you know what you will get?

First you need to enter the game and click on your profile. Then you should click on your current picture and get to an avatar’s selection. Right there you can read which cards you will get more quickly for each race. The problem is that this explanation is not good enough for new players and there is a huge chance you will not understand what to do.
Let’s try to make it simple. You choose a race (Dark Elf, Imperial, Nord) and then you can pick one of 4 pictures. The picture itself is not important – it is just a matter of what you think look better, the real important thing is the race. It works pretty easy – if you pick up a nord, you will get “nord’s cards”. What are the “nord’s cards”? These are the cards which in this game are associated with nords – all nord’s minions and items/actions/supports which in game’s opinion belong to nords.To understand it better enter your collection, click soul sight and type “nord” in search.

Now you can see all the nord’s minions. That’s what you may get if you choose your avatar as a nord. Same works for every other race(avatar) in this game. What you can’t see there is “nord’s actions/items/supports”. For example, write down in a search “cast out”. That is action(spell) which returns a minion in it’s owners hand. You may be rewarded with this card as a nord even though there is no a clear sight that this is a “nord’s card”.

I think you should not study all the actions/items/supports because the impact of avatar’s rewards is very small. I would suggest to look through all the minions and pick a race which you like. I also think that you will get either rare(blue) or epic(purple) card as an avatar’s reward, so check those cards first. As we just found out the avatar effect is not significant. But there are two exceptions. On level 24 and level 32 you will earn a legendary card. And this is when your avatar should be “right”.

Here is legendary reward list for every avatar.

Wood Elf: Allena Benoch \ Ungolim The Listener
Dark Elf: Necrom Mastermind \ Queen Barenziah \ Indoril Archmage \ Divayth Fyr
Orc: Wood Orc Headhunter \ Gortwog gro-Nagorm
Breton: High King Emeric \ Daggerfall Mage \ Supreme Atromancer
Imperial: Renowned Legate \ Lucien Lachance \ General Tullius
High Elf: Ayrenn \ Mentor’s Ring
Nord: Tyr \ Haafingar Marauder \ Miraak, Dragonborn \ Relentless Raider
Khajiit: Descendant of Alkosh \ Quin’rawl Burglar \ Ahnassi \ Thieves’ Den
Redguard: Merric-at-Aswala
Argonian: Red Bramman \ Black Marsh Warden
As you can see all these cards either are minions of the same race you choose or an item/support which in game’s opinion belongs to that race. It also worth noticing that in this game there are 2 types of legendaries. Some of them are unique and you can play only 1 copy of them(just like in hearthstone), some of them can be played (and often are played) up to a 3 in the same deck. To find that out go collection and see if a legendary card has golden circle on the top of it or not. If it has, it is a unique card.
Since you will have 2 attempts (on level 24 and level 32) you don’t want to get the same unique legendary 2 times. But you will not be disappointed if you get good legendaries like daggerfall mages 2 times because in fact you will need 3 of them. You also want to get legendaries which are good and avoid legendaries which are bad.
In December 2016 it is pretty easy to find out what you want and what you don’t want to get. Let’s check it out.

You don’t really want to pick up a wood elf because you don’t want Allena Benoch.
You don’t really want to pick up a dark elf because half of the cards are not really played right now.
You don’t really want to pick up an orc because almost no one plays orcs.
You don’t really want to pick up an imperial because these legendaries are not good.
You don’t really want to pick up a nord because you will get Tyr from campaign and Haafinger Marauder is not good.
You don’t really want to pick up a Khajuut because it offers weak cards.
You don’t really want to pick up an argonian because Black Marsh Warden is not good.

So as you can see, we are up to 3 options in the end. I personally got Ayrenn from a random pack and I don’t think Mentor’s Ring is that important card especially in the beginning.
So my opinion would be – you pick up a breton until level 24 and see what legendary you get. If it is High King Emeric (which is unique and you don`t want him again on level 32), you switch avatar to either Redguard(to get Merric-at-Aswala) or to High Elf (to get Ayren or Mentor’s Ring). If at level 24 you get either Supreme Attromacer or Daggerfall mage you should stick to Breton unless you badly want to play Merric’s battlemage.
I think Breton is the best race both for legendaries and rares/commons so my advice is Breton until 24 level for sure and then depending on High King Emeric you either switch or not.
I hope that helps you to start playing this game without doubts whether you chose “right” avatar or not.

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