Midrange Action Mage – Complete Guide with Mulligans and Gameplay


Midrange Aggro Action Mage by Snaxximan



General Strategy

The idea for this deck is the same as for other midrange decks. You have decent early game to take control of the board early with cards like Firebolt, Execute and Daggerfall Mages. Keep in mind that I put this list together in a meta with a huge amount of Execute targets like: Daggerfall Mages, Crystal Tower Crafters, Daring Cutpurses, Fighters Guild Recruits and so on. Cards like Slaughterfish Spawning, Crystal Tower Crafter and Mortal Executioner allow you to snowball your early game and get ahead in the health game to proc your Golden Saints for the midgame.

So why should you play this deck over other midrange decks? You beat aggressive decks alot of times with this deck because of the yellow colour in it. Aggro decks tend to ignore your minions and just go face with everything they have. You can punish that alot with Pillaging Tribunes. Chaining two Pillaging Tribunes in a lane is often an easy win against aggro players.

Also Hive Defenders are great in the current meta. Sorcerer cant do anything to it besides actually putting 6 points of damage into it or silencing it, leaving a 3/6 body on board that trades well into basically everything they play.

Against control decks you are in a decent spot aswell because of 3 cards: Dark Rift, Piercing Javelin and Supreme Atromancer. One of the most common „control“ decks in the meta right now is ramp scout. Ramp Scout cant deal with Supreme Atromancer efficiently because of the lack of AoE in it.

For me this deck is actually decent enough to climb the ladder with and compete for a top 10 finish.

I got to #3 Legend with it 1 day before the season of november ended.

Card Choices

Execute: Meta is full of Execute targets and its rarely a dead card. Can generate insane tempo or denying your opponent great value (Killing Daggerfall Mages, Breton Conjurers)

Skywatch Vindicators: Flexibility of this card makes it useful for me. It allows you to develop a minion while killing off your opponents minions or get a favourable trade in. At worst it is a 6 magicka 6/6.

Dark Rift: Meta choice. It wins games against Combo Battlemage and is good in a lot of control and midrange matchups.

Pillaging Tribune: Wins games against aggressive players who ignore your creatures. At worst a 5 Magicka 5/4 which still needs to be removed.

Supreme Atromancer: Probably the strongest lategame card in the game. Wins you games against  Ramp Scout and Spellsword control.

General Mulligan

1 3 execute-1crystaltowercrafter4

Mulligan for this deck realy varies. You always keep Daggerfall Mage if you go second.

Keep Crystal Tower Crafter if you either have a Firebolt or Execute (against decks that regularly play execute targets on turn 2 or 3) or if you go second and have Slaughterfish Spawning in hand.

Mulligan against Aggro: Prioritize Firebolt, Execute and your 2 magicka creatures. If you have two of those in your hand already, keep Hive defender against decks that have no answer to it.

Mulligan against Midrange: Keep Slaughterfish Spawning, Dark Rift and consider keeping Mortal Executioner. (Your hand needs to support it, Dont keep it if its gonna be your first play in the game)

Mulligan against Control: Same as Midrange, if you play against ramp scout and have decent early game cards in hand keep Supreme Atromancer.



Midrange Archer:

Winrate: 55%

This matchup heavily revolves around denying Soulrest Marshal tempo. Keep aggressive hands and try to stay ahead in health as much as you can. Always keep Firebolt because it kills all creatures an Archer can play up until turn 4. Dont go all in on Crystal Tower Crafter because it gets punished alot by cards like Earthbone Spinner and Leaf Lurker. Keep in mind that Burn and Pillage is a card.

Mulligan: Keep Dark Rifts, Firebolts, Executes, Daggerfall Mages, Harpies, Wardcrafters

Wrothgar Archer:

Winrate: 40%

This is probably the worst matchup for this deck. It runs alot of early removal and has great mechanics to gain health back. Keycards to win this matchup are: Dark Rift and Supreme Atromancer. They cant remove Dark Rift up until turn 7 with Belligerent Giant and they dont have a way of removing Supreme Atromancer efficiently.

Mulligan: Dark Rift, Daggerfall Mage


Action Assassin:

Winrate: 70%

Execute, Firebolt and Hive Defenders are the MVPs of this matchup. Basically just remove their early game minions like Goblin Skulk and Crystal Tower Crafter and pressure them with Slaughterfish Spawning, Executioners or your own CTC. If you get a turn 6 Golden Saint off, you basically won the game already. Pillaging Tribune is great at sustaining your health if you drop low.

The only time you lose this matchup is if they get a turn 1 Crystal Tower Crafter into Lesser Ward with a good follow up play. Since you cant remove a warded CTC up until turn 5 with a Piercing Javelin.

Mulligan: Firebolt, Execute, Daggerfall Mage, CTC, Harpy



Winrate: 55%

This matchup has alot of tempo swings and value plays that can happen through out the game.

Executing a Breton Conjurer and developing something on the same turn often leads to winning the game. Dark Rift, Slaughterfish Spawning and Golden Saints are hard to deal with for Merric.

Execute will find value in this matchup.

Cant realy give a guide on this matchup because Merric starting hands have high variance. Sometimes they will start facing you down early and sometimes they do nothing besides removing creatures. So adjust accordingly.

Mulligan: Dark Rift, Slaugherfish Spawning, Daggerfall Mages


Winrate: 55%

You are favoured in this matchup because you have a lot of decent early game removal against them and  have also great swing turns. Pillaging Tribune will shine in this matchup. The plan is to remove their first few minions and get a decent Pillaging Tribune set up. Hive Defenders are realy hard to deal with for Battlemages and they will most likely spent their entire turn doing that or just developing a minion and skipping the turn without attacking. Keep in mind that Burn and Pillage is a card. Dont go face unnecessarly, unless you can set up a good Golden Saints turn.

Mulligan: Firebolt, Harpy, Wardcrafter


Midrange Aggro:

Winrate: 55%

Its the same as against aggro battlemage besides you can go face more freely in this matchup because crusader doesnt have many prophecies.

Mulligan: Firebolt, Harpy, Execute, Wardcarfter, Crystal Tower Crafter



Winrate: 55%

Same as crusader.

Mulligan: Firebolt, Harpy, Execute, Wardcarfter, Crystal Tower Crafter


Winrate: 55%

You can rush them down, their heal is very slow and they dont have efficient ways of removing your creatures. They can only silence them and later on remove them with combos. (Whirling Duelist + Daedric Dagger or Doomcrag Vampire with ping effects)

Mulligan: Dark Rift, CTC, Daggerfall Mage, Slaughterfish Spawning, Executioner



Winrate: 50% (Depends on their list)

If its a mirror match its basically a coinflip. Keep Execute in opening hand to kill Daggerfall Mages, Executioners and CTCs. Golden Saints are hard to deal with for this deck, so is Supreme Atromancer.

If its not a mirror match you are automatically favoured because you are playing the better list. 🙂

Mulligan: Firebolt, Execute, Slaughterfish Spawning, Dark Rift, Daggerfall Mages


Winrate: 40%

Plays the same as the wrothgar forge archer matchup. Pressure them early game and get your Golden Saints out. If they Icestorm once or twice before turn 9 slam down a Supreme Atromancer.

Other than that…Pillaging Tribune is the card you need to play around in this matchup. Dont let them heal for more than 6.

Mulligan: Dark Rift, Daggerfall Mages, CTC, Executioners, Slaughterfish Spawning



Winrate: 55%

The same as crusader, battlemage, warrior. Remove their early game minions. Keep in mind that they can lane switch. You dont need to play around Burn and Pillage so you can play your minions freely. Pillaging Tribune setups are easy to achieve in this matchup.

Mulligan: Execute, Firebolt, Harpy, Daggerfall Mage, CTC



Winrate: 50%

This matchup depends on their turn 2 and 3. Its realy hard to answer a Mournhold Traitor into Young Mammoth play. All other 2drops die to Execute. Its basically the same as midrange archer.

You need to stay ahead in health because you dont comeback from Soulrest Marshal into Black Worm Necromancer on turn 5.

Mulligan: Firebolt, Harpy, CTC, Daggerfall Mages


Winrate: 60%

Pressure them early with CTC, Slaughterfish Spawning and Executioners. If they stabilized you still win with Supreme Atromancer a lot of times. Piercing Javelins removes their giant guards.

Mulligan: Dark Rift, CTC, Slaughterfish Spawning, Daggerfall Mages, Executioners



Winrate: 55%

All their early game minions die to Execute. Javelins remove their bigger threats later on.

Health matters in this matchup so try to stay ahead. They will try to overwhelm you with ward creatures and play their Royal Sage/Black Worm Necromancer to get further ahead. You can deny it by Executing their first creature and developing something else on board. Make them play reactive and you won. They cant heal up so you can race them with Pillaging Tribune in hand. Hive Defender is great to stop their aggression.

Mulligan: Dark Rift, CTC, Execute, Daggerfall Mages



Winrate: 60%

Same as Ramp Scout. They dont have an efficient way of answering Slaughterfish Spawning.

You can pressure them early and just win with Golden Saints/Supreme Atromancer/Executioner/Fishes/CTC.

Mulligan: Slaughterfish Spawning, Dark Rift, CTC, Executioner, Daggerfall Mage


Winrate: 65%

Just go for board control early. They cant answer any of your minions efficiently. You can also just out aggro them with Slaughterfish Spawning, Executioner and CTC.

Mulligan: Slaugherfish Spawning, CTC, Daggerlfall Mage, Execute, Firebolt, Dark Rift


Article made by Snaxximan.

Follow his stream, amazing streamer and player: https://www.twitch.tv/snaxximan


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