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Hello fine reader. I can see you are a person of dignified taste. You tried out this spicy new game eyes full of kind hope that this experience will be better than your last. But yet there is this green arrow on some of your cards, and as you play the solo campaign it is asking you tough questions. You are scared, you want to start yet another thread on reddit asking about them.
Let’s just go ahead and skip all that. Here’s a nice bullet list of important Level Up Card infos.

  • Level up cards level up when you reach certain player levels. It has nothing to do with using them or completing objectives.
  • There are two types of Level up cards, some that have a direct upgrade, and some that have two options to choose from.
  • You can find the UPGRADED versions of the cards in packs and as other random rewards. You will not find the un-upgraded versions.
  • You can craft the UPGRADED versions of the cards using Soul Stones, but you cannot craft the non upgraded versions.
  • This means that the decisions you make for upgrades are not super important, you can get the other version of the card. The only really important ones are for the rarer cards since it is less easy to get them otherwise.
  • You cannot turn a non upgraded card to soul stones. They are part of the level up system and cannot be converted.
  • Similar to all this, there are cads that you get during the campaign by making a decision. The card you didn’t choose can still be gotten normally via packs or crafting. But choose Tyr when given the chance because he’s much better than that other item. Trust me.

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