Different Archetypes on Elder Scrolls Legends and card games in general



There are a couple of archetypes that are common in CCGs, which I will briefly describe:

  • Aggro: Aggro decks seek to end the game quickly before the opponent can execute their game plan. These decks usually have a LOW mana curve with spells and creatures that diminish in effectiveness as the game drags on. They often pack cards that can refuel their hands, such as Triumphant Jarl or Eastmarch Crusader. Examples: Crusader, Prophecy Assassin
  • Mid-Range: Mid-Range, as the name implies, seeks to win during the middle of the game and tends to favor strong, cost-effective, creatures that occupy the 4-6 mana slot. The hallmark of these decks is adaptability. Generally they will be able to shift gears from controlling to aggressive dependent on the match-up. Against aggro they can answer early threats and play defensively before turning their creatures to the offensive once they’ve grown a suitable board. Against control they can turn to the beatdown. Due to the nature of the deck, however, it can sometimes have suboptimal draws… drawing weak or nearly dead early-game cards late, or vice versa. Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Examples: Archer Midrange, Spellsword Midrange
  • Control: Control is a permissive strategy that seeks to “control” the state of the game through card advantage. Often this is done by the sheer quality of their cards, seeking to two-for-one or better to make up for a weak early game. The longer the game goes, the more likely control is to win. Cards that are synonymous with control are cards like Dawn’s Wrath, Ice Storm, Mantikora, Odahviing, Blood Magic Lord — cards that provide 2:1’s or better and swing the game into their favor. Control decks generally have a HIGH mana curve. Examples: Mage Control, Hist Grove Control
  • Combo: Combo usually has a small control component, biding its time until it has the pieces it needs to win. The closest thing to a combo deck that ESL has at the moment is Wispmother + Relentless Raider + Brilliant Experiment. To a lesser extent pilfer Monk is somewhat combo-oriented with Master of Thieves and Thieves’ Den often resulting in a catastrophic turn. The apex of a combo deck is a non-interactive combo deck that actually doesn’t care what it’s opponent is doing because as soon as it assembles the pieces of its combo the game is over. Examples: Battlemage OTK, Pilfer Monk.

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